Generous April

April has been a very busy month for me with lots of birthdays and two weddings, but I have managed to get some quilting done for Sew Generous.
I have also finally designed a very simple label for the backs of all the donated quilts. The design has been sent to Spoonflower, where they will print the design onto fabric and send back to me (yay I can’t wait). I found out how to do this from Jaybird Quilts blog page. I thought it would be a great idea to have a label from Sew Generous which has room for me to place all the names of our most generous donors for each quilt on the back. I will be sure to post a picture of the labels when they come in. In fact I thought it was such a great idea that I designed some labels for my own QuiltSewScrap quilts too.
But now, the fantastic quilt tops and blocks that I have been working on/with is month.
This lovely quilt top from Susan Dunn has been quilted with an all over stipple in a variagated beige thread !

This is a quilt top I put together with leftover 2.5″ strips. Quilting all done in white thread with a love heart and butterfly pattern (forgot the name of the panto)!

Another wonderful quilt top from Susan Dunn, all quilted in a all over stipple pattern with gold/yellow thread!

The wonderful centre piece of this quilt top is from Stephanie Morrison. I added some borders around this piece to make it a little bigger and the quilting is done in a panto called Dainty in turquoise green! Don’t worry, there is turquoise in two of the three borders and in the backing fabric.

These very gorgeous colourful blocks are from Wendy Yates. I put a colourful sashing and borders around the blocks and it is now ready for quilting. But me thinks I might  need to add another side border – it’s looking a little thin.

Another very colourful Wendy Yates block quilt top. I added colourful sashings and (lots more)borders and it is now ready for quilting.
Well that’s it for the month of April.
Happy Quilting Everyone.


Donation from Stephanie Morrison

Thank you Stephanie!

I received Stephanie’s very large parcel and was delighted to received some lovely creations.

Lots of Hexagons

Lots of 2.5″ strips

A gorgeous embroidered quilt top

A lovely modern quilt top

A smaller sized quilt top

Quilt blocks sewn together

Orphan blocks

Lots of Backing Fabric

Thank you so much Stephanie! I have a lot of thinking and planning to do now. Firstly I have to learn how to sew hexagons together! and then make some stripey quilt tops.

I love the embroidered quilt top and look forward to doing some custom work on it. 
The backing fabric is very much appreciated as I am running very low and it is very surprising how quickly it goes.
Thank you again Stephanie for your generosity. I think I have my work cut out for me for the next few months.

Donation From Wendy Yates

Thank you Wendy Yates!

Wendy has very generously donated some orphan blocks.

In fact the first 12 blocks really good together so I just might make them into one quilt or two smaller quilts with sashings. So many options, it can be daunting at times.

The half timber (?) block is really interesting. I might have to see if I can make a few more like this one and make a quilt top from that.

Any suggestions for any of the blocks and quilt top combinations would be most welcome.

Thank you again Wendy for your very generous donation, I look forward to passing these onto the Oncology ward at Westmead.