Where We Are Up To!

Can you believe that it is half way through September already? I can’t! I’m sure as with all of you, life just gets so hectic sometimes that you forget what you’re up to.  I know I have, so I thought I would go and get myself organised and take stock of where we are at with all our charity quilts.
We have since changed the way we document the donations – we get so many and some of them are whole quilts and some of them are scrap fabric and it is just too hard to keep track of each and every fabric that goes into every quilt. So, we are documenting donations as they come in (there are still a few waiting to be done), and then each quilt once completed will be given a Sew Generous label (unless it is a complete quilt with it’s own label) with a number on it which represents how many quilts we have donated. We will take photos of each and every finished quilt and post them on the blog and if you donated you can look through the photos and find your blocks or fabric and see how they have been used!

Okay, where we are at!
It is a little hard to see but there are twelve quilts waiting to have the binding finished. I have sewn bindings onto the front of each of these quilts. I just need to sit down and flip the binding over and sew it down. All the binding are done by machine, I find it quicker and more secure.
Fifteen gorgeous quilts are still waiting in a queue to be quilted. Effie has been working hard to bring out the best in each and every block/fabric/panel.  There is a variety of themes and colours so hopefully each child will be able to pick and choose to suit their likes.
I thought I would throw in a picture of ‘My Machine’. I really love working on her, a real workhorse and she has not let me down yet. 
Sew Generous has already surpassed the goal of eight quilts a year, in fact we have given more than double that already.  I look forward to working on more of these gorgeous quilts.
Cheers, Suzanne