Donations from Susan Burgess

Hello Happy Quilters.
This is going to be a really long post, as the most generous Susan Burgess has donated to Sew Generous four boxes of completed quilts. 
I tell you that it was not easy carrying those babies from the post office to my car but I was so excited that at first I didn’t notice that I was walking into everybody and that people were clearing a path for me as I couldn’t see over the boxes to see where I was going.
Opening all the boxes was like it was Christmas. There were four pillowcases, two wallhangings, seven small quilts and twelve large ones. There was also one unfinished quilt (which I am calling the Hawaiian) and some other bits and pieces of fabric as well. 

My photos don’t do these lovely quilts justice, but you get the idea.
Many thanks Susan for your wonderful donation and being Sew Generous.

Donation From Kim Moran-Jones

I had the actual pleasure of meeting Kim at the train station one evening. Kim wanted to hand deliver her donations to me and I was more than happy to oblige.
I love that I got to meet one of our wonderful donors.
Kim handed over to me two finished quilts absolutely perfect for boys (which is one type of quilt we are seriously lacking).

Thank you for your wonderful donation Kim.

Donations from Cleary O’Brien and Tracie Stewart

Sorry it has taken so long to post this.
I received both of these donations on the same day and had to smile! They both donated very similar blocks that I realised we could put into one quilt! In fact I was so excited about this prospect that I immediately sat down to sew the blocks together to make a quilt. I realised after I have finished the quilt  top that I had forgotten to take pictures of the individual blocks. Sorry 😦
So here is a photo of the quilt top. I added some sashings in the middle to make it larger. (The funny strip around the edges is the binding sewn onto the front – it’s not finished yet)

Tracie also donated a completed quilt. It is a really bright and cheery colour, the kids are going to love it.
Cleary also donated lots of backing fabric (sorry no picture) what I am sure will be used very shortly.
Thank you ladies for being Sew Generous.

A Little Bit Of Housekeeping

It has been a very busy few months/weeks at my house, and there has been so much generosity coming into my home that it has been tough keeping up.
I have been a little behind on blogging donation posts and I apologise for this. I am catching up I promise.
Both Effie and I would like to upfront let you all know that we are NOT professional photographers, not even amateur photographers, so some of the photos are well… not very professional looking. We are working out a way to take better pictures, but it is really hard to take good pictures of quilts, especially the big ones.
So hang in there, we will get better (we hope).
After much discussion between Effie and I we have decided to make a slight change to our workflow. The way we are doing it at the moment (see previous post on workflow) is working very well up until the point of labelling. We have found that putting the name of each and every person who donated a piece of fabric, block, backing or binding to a quilt is really too hard to keep track of, it means that each and every piece of fabric, block, backing or binding that comes to us needs to have a label on it so we know who it comes from. Once we are in the process of sewing the quilts together all these bits of paper are hard to keep track off, and trying to keep each and every quilt documented takes a lot of time, time we would rather put into making even more quilts to donate.
So, what we are going to do now is: as each donation comes in we will take photos and post it on the blog along with the donators name. Once that has been done, all blocks, fabric, backing and binding  will then be put into our stash of goodies ready to be make into quilts. 
Once the quilt has been made it will be labeled with a Sew Generous label with the quilt number, the date it was completed and if it has a name (some quilts get cute nicknames).
If a quilt comes to us ready made and all set to go with it’s own label, nothing will be changed or added to it.
I have to say that my studio is overflowing with quilts that have been completed, quilted waiting for binding and needing to be quilted and bound! We are hoping to have a really large number of quilts to hand over to the Oncology department ready for Christmas. Fingers crossed that all goes well.
Happy quilting and thanks for being Sew Generous.