Donation from Madeleine

Yesterday I received a wonderful parcel from Madeleine who lives in Western Australia.
Thank you Madeleine.
She has sent a absolutely gorgeous quilt top, backing and binding to Sew Generous.
Beautiful Quilt Top
Don’t you just love this backing fabric

Red binding
We are in May and at the moment we have 13 quilts in different stages of completion for donation. This well and truly exceeds our goal of eight quilts in one year.
My DD is off to Westmead Children’s Hospital on Monday for a day procedure – unfortunately I will not be able to have any of the quilts completed by then for delivery! Not to mention I don’t have any quilt labels (see previous post). But I will try and drop in and have a chat to the coordinator of Quilt for Keeps if she is available and let her know what will be coming her soon.


One thought on “Donation from Madeleine

  1. sue niven says:

    I am a new quilter and someone who loves to sew generally especially for charity so when I came across your blog I had simply had to join in. I have added your link to my blog. I am looking forward to making some blocks for you.

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