Donation from Madeleine

Yesterday I received a wonderful parcel from Madeleine who lives in Western Australia.
Thank you Madeleine.
She has sent a absolutely gorgeous quilt top, backing and binding to Sew Generous.
Beautiful Quilt Top
Don’t you just love this backing fabric

Red binding
We are in May and at the moment we have 13 quilts in different stages of completion for donation. This well and truly exceeds our goal of eight quilts in one year.
My DD is off to Westmead Children’s Hospital on Monday for a day procedure – unfortunately I will not be able to have any of the quilts completed by then for delivery! Not to mention I don’t have any quilt labels (see previous post). But I will try and drop in and have a chat to the coordinator of Quilt for Keeps if she is available and let her know what will be coming her soon.


Finally Getting Some Work Done

I must admit that it has been a bit of a slow start to my quilting this year and really I have no excuse as I have enough donated blocks and quilt tops to keep me occupied – but sometimes ‘other’ life stuff gets in the way.

Well not this week…

I am happy to say that I have managed to quilt two (yep that’s right two) quilts from the wonderful Susan Dunn. 

On this beautiful purple quilt I used a clamshell pattern with a purple and beige variagated thread and I think it looks great. 

On this green quilt I did straight interlocking lines which really makes it look very different. I used the same colour green as in the large outside border.

I will show pictures of the whole quilts when the bindings have been done.

I am thinking about getting some Spoonflower Quilt Labels done what will allow me to put the names of all the very generous donors of each quilt on the back of all the quilts. I guess I had better get cracking on that as these quilts are almost done.

A Very Generous Donation From Susan D

Just before Christmas I received this wonderful parcel in the mail. With all the celebrations and going on holidays and the kids being home (you get the idea) it has been a mad house around here and I have finally managed to find a few minutes to write this blog post – which I have written and re-written in my mind a few time!

This photo doesn’t really show it but the parcel was huge!

I was so excited because I knew I was getting some blocks from the very generous Susan from Mt Gambier SA, but I was totally unprepared so how much she sent.

Just take a look at the contents of this huge parcel.

This is one (yep these more) of the finished quilt tops. I just love the colours (purple is my favourite colour by the way). It is a great size for a young teenager – I am really looking forward to quilting this one.

Here are some animal themed blocks. A wonderful theme for a young boy!

Aren’t these fabulous? I have never done braid blocks before as I always believed them to be hard, but after seeing these beautiful blocks (strands of braids) I am willing to give them a go. I have a few ideas for these as well, but any suggestions would be very welcome.

These are so cute! Who wouldn’t love to snuggle under a quilt with these wonderful blocks.  

The blocks all set out – I think a simple sashing between the blocks with a border or two??

Some extra fabric for some backings. Thank you Susan!

Another finished quilt top! Don’t you just love it! I was so overwhelmed when I was pulling out all these wonderful creations – and I still am each time I look at the pile of donated quilts and blocks. I love how generous quilters are.

This is another quilt top – I just love the use of yellow in this one.

You guessed it, another quilt top! Scrappy strips – how effective is this! This quilt top came this the most amazing flannel backing.

Purple being my favourite colour – I was in heaven opening up all these quilts! I think we have a very strong start to the year and should hit our eight quilt donations per year.

More fabric for backings as well. I just can’t get enough of the colour purple.

Wow, I am totally blown away by Ms Susan’s generosity and I look forward to working on them,and donating them to the very brave children at Westmead Children’s Hospital. 

Thank you Susan for your wonderful donation.