What is Sew Generous?

It is an online Charity Quilting Bee that gives quilters the chance to use their talents, love of colour and fabric to make blocks or quilts using fabrics from their own stash to bring joy to young children and teenagers going through very hard and trying treatments in the Oncology Clinic at Westmead’s Children’s Hospital.

Our Goal

  • To make quilts for Westmead Children’s Hospital
  • To make quilts for boys and girls
  • To make quilts from crib to twin size and everything in between
  • To make a minimum of eight quilts a year – more if possible
  • To hand deliver them to the Oncology department when we can.

How We Will Achieve Our Goal

  • donations from quilters all over, everywhere
  • send orphan blocks any size, colour or design
  • send in any unfinished quilt tops with or without any extra fabric to go with it
  • send in any completed quilt tops that you no longer want
  • make a completed quilt top and send it in
  • send in any completed quilts for immediate donation
  • send in any spare/extra batting
  • send in any fabric to use for backing
  • send in any premade binding strips of 2.5”


Where to Send any of the Above

Sew Generous
c/o Effie Steneker
PO Box 183
Beverly Hills NSW 2209

How to communicate with Sew Generous

Please see our Contact Us page!

What Happens to my donation once it is received by Sew Generous

  • like blocks will be grouped and when there is enough to make a quilt top it will be sewn together (sashing or borders may be added), it will be quilted, bound and delivered.
  • unfinished quilt tops will be finished, quilted, bound and delivered
  • ready done quilts will be delivered with the next delivery of quilts

How Will I know if my blocks have been made into a quilt and delivered

We are extremely grateful to all who donate, however it is extremely difficult and time consuming to keep track off all the donations that we receive and where these fabrics end up in each quilt. When we receive a donation the completed quilts all go together, the quilt tops go into my quilting pile and all loose blocks and fabrics go into a fabric ‘bin’ that we pull out of to create the quilt tops. All the fabrics are placed in a donations ‘bin’ and pulled out when going into a quilt top. We will make mention on the blog through a post for all donations – just a quick thank you post.  The best way to see if your donation has been used and delivered is to check out the photos we will post of each donated quilt. We will do our best to photograph them in the best way possible before donating to the hospital. Unfortunately when we deliver the quilts we are not allowed to take any photos of them being delivered due to privacy issues with the children.


Thanks for being so generous!








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