Show Case Friday 18



Cute, fun and fast. I love strip quilting and again it lends itself to scrap stash busting, leftover jelly rolls or binding strips.

Everything just goes together.

I have a question for you, I’m just curious. Do you iron your seams to one side or open? I iron my seams open, Effie irons her seams to one side. Why do you choose to iron your seams that way?

I iron my open as I love the flat look of the top when it is ironed. I also find that I can match my seams better when they are open and there is no bulk when I quilt. I first decided to iron them open when I was doing the Tokyo Subway Quilt Quilt-Along by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh! Fransson. She suggested the flat seams with her reasonings and I have never looked back. I am trying to convert Effie over to open seams but I haven’t had any success yet.

Let’s all be sew generous,


Show Case Friday 17


Funky, fun, vibrant! These blocks came to us as a ‘set’ and with a few strips and some quilting and we called it done.

I just love the fabric in these blocks and the very modern block designs.

I really love receiving your donations in the mail. Actually Effie gets them first and she always rings me when something arrives to tell me what goodies were delivered. It is always fun and interesting to come up with ways to use the wonderful donations we receive. Some are really easy to put together, and others take a little bit of time. Either way  we love doing it.

Let’s all be sew generous,


Show Case Friday 16


I am not a professional photographer 🙂

Scrap stash quilting is so much fun and you really don’t know how it is going to turn out until you are done.

I love cutting up my scraps into usable pieces, it makes quilts like this one so easy to make. I handed over some of my 5″ squares and then Effie cut up a whole lot of her own and then she put this quilt top together. It just works, no matter the colour or design of the squares – you gotta love that.

Thank you again to all our wonder donators – we would not be able to do this without your support.

Let’s all be sew generous.




Show Case Friday 15


I really like how this quilt came together. The blocks came in one donation and I really liked the way they looked together and wanted them to be in the one quilt. The only problem was that there was not enough blocks and fabrics to make a lap sized quilt. This is where a design wall or graph paper come in handy.

For this quilt I worked out where I wanted each piece to go and then ‘filled’ in the rest with negative space. I don’t know if you have ever done anything like that, but for me this was a first. Breaking up the quilt into sections and then filling in the space and then piecing it together. It was a great experience that really made me realise that I love ‘modern’ quilting. I still love traditional quilting – I am half way through The Farmer’s Wife quilt and have the book, templates and cd for Dear Jane, but something about more modern quilting just sits really well with me.

Let’s all be sew generous,





Show Case Friday 14


Would you believe that this quilt is the result of two totally different donations both with three similar blocks in each? Well, its true.

These six blocks fit together so easily. A very quick and easy quilt to put together with some lashings and strips in the middle. We love easy and quick.

Let’s all be sew generous,


Show Case Friday 13


When I received this quilt top as a donation I couldn’t believe it. This was simply an amazing quilt top, so much work had gone into it. Most of the blocks in this quilt are embroidered. Yes, you read that right embroidered.

I was a little nervous about quilting this top, as I had never quilted on top of embroidery before, let alone so much of it. In the end it wasn’t hard at all and I think it turned out well.

I want to again thank all our donors for the time they spend making these wonderful quilt tops and blocks. We wouldn’t be here without your support.

Let’s all be sew generous,


Show Case Friday 12


Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly. Sorry, couldn’t help but borrow that line from the Penguins of Madagascar!

This quilt sure is cute and cuddly. Another wonderful completed quilt donation from the quilters group in Wollongong.

A perfect quilt for a little boy.

Let’s all be sew generous,



Show Case Friday 11


This quilt just pops out at you, don’t you think? The colour combination in this quilt is absolutely gorgeous. The hot pink and black pinwheels came as a set of orphan blocks. I must admit it took a while for me to work out what I wanted to do with these blocks. That was until I found this really lovely grey fabric. It was then a simple pairing of colours and there you have it. I had fun quilting a very geometric design in grey thread on this quilt.

I have to say that the black fence as a background really works. Again I have to thank my neighbour for letting me use her fence. I was running out of areas to photograph all the quilts in my own yard.

Photographing quilts isn’t as easy as I would have thought. I am by no means a professional photographer, not even an amateur really, but I really had fun finding different and interesting places and ways to photograph the quilts. I am looking forward to my next photography session – I might try my local park next time round.

Let’s all be sew generous,



Show Case Friday 10


Vibrant, fun, busy and colourful. Just a few words to describe this wonderful quilt. This was sent to us as a completed quilt top along with the backing (which is a crossword puzzle fabric) and binding. A quick trip to my longarm quilting machine and it was done.

Binding again isn’t my favourite part of quilting so luckily for me Effie’s church group offered their services to help us finish binding some of the quilts that needed to be finished (and I was dragging my feet a little I admit). These ladies did a wonderful job of finishing off the binding, giving me more time to organise and quilt more quilts. Win – win.

Let’s all be sew generous,


Show Case Friday 9


A very interesting and cute quilt that was donated to us completed by the students at PLC. They used the tied quilt method to put this gorgeous quilt together.

It is hard to see but there are lots of different ribbons, lace and buttons throughout the whole quilt. Such lovely textures.

We love receiving donations just like this one from anyone and everyone. Please if you have any completed quilt tops, orphan blocks, fabric or batting we would love to receive them.

Let’s all be sew generous,