Our Quilting Bee Work Flow

I thought I might give you a brief rundown on what we do with the blocks and fabrics that we receive.
The first thing is that all donations get logged into the Donations book with all the donators information and what they sent.
Then we take a photo of the parcel (esp the return address) and the contents.
We then take a look at each item we receive and decide what to do with it. Completed quilts go straight to the ‘Need to be Delivered’ pile. Completed quilt tops go into the ‘Need to be Quilted’ pile. They are the easy ones!
For blocks, we take a look and see if there is enough matching blocks to make a quilt by possibly adding some sashing or borders and if so, they get put together with a plan and go into the ‘Need to be Sewn’ pile. As you can imagine we have lots of piles!
If there are not enough matching blocks we look to see if there are any other blocks that would combine well together. If so we draw up a plan on grid paper, get together all the blocks, sashings and borders that we will need and then have it ready to be sewn together!
If we don’t have any blocks that would combine well, we put them aside and wait and we keep checking each time a new batch of quilt blocks comes in to see what would work well together.
At the moment we have not formed any plans on the fabric pieces that we have received. I believe some of them will be used for sashing, borders and bindings. Some might even be used to make charm squares to make complete quilt tops.
So, once the quilt tops have been sewn together, I quilt them on my longarm quilting machine and then either Effie or I put on the binding, label the quilt and it is put with any other completed quilts ready for delivery. Each quilt top is given a number, and each person who contributed to the quilt gets their name on the label.
So far we have delivered six quilts, so in the next couple of weeks I will be posting a picture of each quilt along with their numbers. To give you an idea of how many quilt tops we are currently working on, the last quilt I planned a few days ago was Quilt #23!

Donation from Laurel

This beautiful quilt top comes from Laurel who lives in Baulkham Hills NSW.

We are so pleased to see a quilt that is so perfect for a boy. 

When talking to Dr Margaret at the Westmead Children’s Hospital she mentioned that the quilts they needed most was for teenage boys. Most of the quilts seem more suited to girls, so it was wonderful to see this fantastic quilt top.