Show Case Friday 11


This quilt just pops out at you, don’t you think? The colour combination in this quilt is absolutely gorgeous. The hot pink and black pinwheels came as a set of orphan blocks. I must admit it took a while for me to work out what I wanted to do with these blocks. That was until I found this really lovely grey fabric. It was then a simple pairing of colours and there you have it. I had fun quilting a very geometric design in grey thread on this quilt.

I have to say that the black fence as a background really works. Again I have to thank my neighbour for letting me use her fence. I was running out of areas to photograph all the quilts in my own yard.

Photographing quilts isn’t as easy as I would have thought. I am by no means a professional photographer, not even an amateur really, but I really had fun finding different and interesting places and ways to photograph the quilts. I am looking forward to my next photography session – I might try my local park next time round.

Let’s all be sew generous,




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