Westmead Children’s Hospital Delivery – 3 May 2016

Bright and early Tuesday morning Suzanne and I made our way to Westmead Children’s Hospital to deliver our wonderful bundle of quilts to the Oncology department. After battling traffic for an hour before reaching Suzanne’s house, I was looking forward to the quiet time to reflect on our mission today.

As usual we were very excited by our trip and Suzanne dropped me off at the front of the hospital with “the bag”. This bag is very, very big and was not only full to the brim, but beyond by another six quilts! In fact, on one occasion we had three of these “big bags” and needed a trolley to deliver our quilts! Needless to say Suzanne and I struggled to carry the bag to the ward, which of course was not so close to the entrance.


These are the bundle of quilts we delivered to the hospital today. We had twenty in total that were all donated by wonderful people like you! We will be showcasing these quilts over the coming months.


Suzanne outside the hospital.

Today we had a very special experience, quite different from our usual visits. While handing over our quilts to the wonderful nurses, we met an incredible and special young man named David Whitelaw who had survived his own battle with cancer. He spoke of some of his experiences and Suzanne shared some of her own. What really struck me was how mature he was given his young age and how he spoke with real confidence and conviction. He was truly inspiring to listen to! It’s no wonder he was chosen as a Youth Ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Here is a picture of David below with Suzanne, Donna, and myself.


From left: Suzanne Cappello, Effie Steneker (me), Donna and David Whitelaw.


These are some of the quilts donated and as you can see the nurses are quite quirky, fun and have an incredible sense of humour. We love them!

A little on the Make-A-Wish Foundation:

The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich their lives, give them strength and joy. Here is a link to their website: http://www.makeawish.org.au .

The Young Ambassador program is a nationwide program that aims to spread the word and further enhance their wish granting mission. Young ambassadors are former wish children who are invited to speak at public engagements, media photo shoots, community events, and who write about their own wish and life experiences. According to the website the Youth Ambassadors “display passion, courage, leadership and a willingness to achieve”, qualities we definitely saw in David that day.

David on behalf of SewGenerous we wish you all the best on your journey through life.

Let’s all be sew generous,



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